[4] Action Alert - EPA Backs Dioxin Petition

[4] Action Alert - EPA Backs Dioxin Petition
Public comments due by July 7

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is proposing to add dioxin and similar compounds to the Toxics Release Inventory (TRI), the right-to-know law for industrial toxic pollution.  EPA's proposal responds to an August 1996 petition by Communities for a Better Environment (CBE) and the National Oil Refinery Action Network.  Dioxin is persistent and bioaccumulative in the environment, and causes cancer, birth defects, reproductive system damage, and other health problems.

CBE also asked EPA to lower current reporting thresholds because dioxin is produced in very small amounts.  However, EPA is deferring action on lower TRI thresholds until it can consider lower thresholds for other highly toxic chemicals at the same time.

EPA will accept public comments until July 7.  In a short letter to EPA, we suggest:

1)  Support adding dioxin to TRI because it is toxic, and;
2)  Support lowering TRI reporting thresholds for dioxin and all other highly toxic persistent and bioaccumulative chemicals.

Send three copies of written comments to:

Attn:  Docket #OPPTS-400109
TSCA Document Office (7407)
U.S. EPA, Room G-099
401 M Street, SW
Washington, DC 20460

For information, see 62 FR 24887 (May 7, 1997) or call CBE's Denny Larson at (415) 243-8373.  For the Federal Register, see